So this is Sober – the future is bright, the future is sober.


I am a forty something, happily married mum of two. On 31 March 2016, after many failed attempts over several years, I finally quit drinking. I started this blog during my second month without alcohol.

Now in December 2016,I am approaching 9 months without a drink.

Stopping drinking has changed my life.  I am happier and less anxious. I have more time which I fill with reading, spending time with Mr So and our two daughters, and of course, blogging. I have also become a bit of an exercise fanatic with spinning classes being my current favourite. I am better at my job, at being a wife and as a mother, My brain works!  I have been on two sober holidays and had a fantastic time. I am starting to socialise again. I am reaching out in real life and in 2017 I am going to start a support group for women choosing sobriety. Women like me.

This blog has progressed from a perspective on the process of getting sober to my account of getting to know the new, sober me.

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