Friday Treats

When I was growing up I often used to go to my best friend’s house on a Friday after school. Her mum would give us some money to go to the corner shop to buy a “Friday treat”. Back then my treat would be a Marathon bar – renamed as Snickers in 1990 (I still don’t understand why a name change was needed – and who came up with “Snickers” ?).

Over the last 20 years I have continued with Friday treats. In my twenties when my career was taking off, I figured I deserved a drink at the end of a hard week. I was a lawyer then and it was normal for drinks to be provided in the office. In one firm there was a kind of evening reception every Friday where drinks and nibbles were served.

In my thirties I was juggling a career and motherhood. By the end of the week I was completely frazzled. Friday evenings were a time to collapse on the sofa and treat myself to a glass or two of wine.

As I hit 40 the Friday drinks routine was firmly established. A bottle of cava or prosecco shared with my husband followed by  a bottle of wine to “celebrate”. Celebrate what ? – surely the fact that it was Friday was enough.

This is the seventh Friday since I stopped drinking and I am continuing with Friday treats. But now, rather than a bottle (or two) of wine or even a Snickers bar, my treats so far have included flowers, posh bubble bath, make up, books and scented candles.  Although small, these little gifts to myself make me feel special and remind me I am doing OK.

Today I have bought myself a gorgeous new nail polish in a vibrant cherry red. I can’t wait to show it off !

Why not share your ideas for sober treats. I would love to hear from you. X


3 thoughts on “Friday Treats

  1. Thanks for writing. Day 21…wow, just realized that today is 3 full weeks! I’m behind you but it’s nice to see your thoughts a little further down the road. Keep posting! My treat now is to actually walk or swim or use a workout machine and listen to a really good audio book. I don’t let myself listen to it unless I’m exercising. If I have exercised I can keep listening while doing productive housework. Okay, well, that and Cadbury…….

    1. Hi Habit. My first comment – thank you so much !! Your treats sound great. I’ve got some audio books I use as a distraction from cravings. Day 21 is awesome – you are doing so well. X

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