I feel pretty, oh so pretty
I feel pretty and witty and bright

So go the words to “I Feel Pretty” from West Side Story.

The other day my daughter observed that I am singing a lot and  this is something new. I am not sure she is particularly impressed by my singing. She thinks it’s amusing and a tiny bit crazy. Especially my random repertoire which includes songs from musicals, 80’s pop, One Direction (I Love You boys!) and Christmas carols.

The pieces just pop into my head and at the moment “I Feel Pretty” is top of the charts.

I wonder if in my subconscious the words have a particular significance. I have never been very confident about my appearance. I try to avoid mirrors as far as possible and try not to look at my body and my face simultaneously. So I never get the full picture. because I don’t think I would like it.

Since I stopped drinking my skin has improved. I no longer look puffy and flushed and the bags under my eyes don’t  look as bad. I have bought various skin treats and I enjoy pampering myself. I think I look more healthy although not exactly glowing yet.

As far as the rest of me goes, I have stayed stubbornly the same weight but I am eating more carbs so it does make sense. I still have a bit of a tummy but I am going to spinning classes and swimming and I think I am a bit more toned. The effect exercise has on my mood is marked. It makes me feel exhilarated and more alive somehow.

Singing has a similar effect.

The song ends:

I feel stunning and entrancing
Feel like running and dancing for joy
For I’m loved by a pretty, wonderful boy

The last line is true. Mr So and I will be celebrating our 18th wedding anniversary later this month. The second line is true a lot of the time. As far as being stunning and entrancing I’m not quite there yet but we’ll see….

2 thoughts on “Pretty

  1. I have experienced exactly the same phenomenon recently. It is the middle of June and I find myself whistling Christmas carols for no apparent reason.
    It must be a sign of generally feeling happier which is no bad thing, despite how annoying it can be for others.

  2. That made me smile ! What is it about Christmas carols ? I like them better this time of year than I do in December.

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