I Want a Drink

Today I really, really want a drink. It’s Friday, it’s sunny and it’s been a long week. I don’t want this elderflower and lime concoction. I want cava and Sauvignon Blanc. And I don’t just want a civilised glass or two. I want as much as I can guzzle down.

But I am NOT going to drink.  I am home now and fortunately there is no alcohol in the house. To get some I would have to go out and that would mean Mr So would know.  To be frank I think he would probably barricade the door rather than let me go on a booze hunt.

So I am going to eat and go to bed. I hope tomorrow this will have passed.

3 thoughts on “I Want a Drink

  1. We all have shit days and want to drink,. You are amazing not to act on it. Mr SO also sounds like a good guy. Remember HALT, you were probably hungry and tired from your long week. In my opinion food and sleep fix most things. I hope you are feeling better and more refreshed now. X

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