Summer Holidays

On Saturday I am off on my first sober holiday. The last time I went away was when I hit my rock bottom and stopped drinking. I had been worried about that holiday and had planned to try and moderate. Needless to say, as I don’t have an off switch and therefore can’t moderate, it didn’t work.  I started drinking at lunchtime on the first day we arrived – after all I was on holiday. What was wrong with a glass of wine with my lunch ? That evening we were having shopping delivered which would include lots of alcohol but just in case, to get us through, the family we were holidaying with had brought some bottles to get us going. We opened the first bottle of cava at about 4.00pm. You can imagine how the evening panned out from there on in. The rest of the holiday continued in the same vein. I hated it but I couldn’t stop myself.

This time I am really looking forward to the holiday. First of all it will just be me and Mr So and one of our daughters. The other one has gone away. So we will be able to do what we want, when we want and won’t have to worry about things like looking presentable at breakfast. Ironically I will probably look better at breakfast with my bed head than I did after making considerable effort on my last holiday !

The weather forecast is good so I am planning on spending lots of time outside. Mr So and I have hired bikes for one day when I daughter is going riding for the day. I am so looking forward to going on a ride along the coastal path. I would never ever have done that before.

I am also packing my wetsuit in anticipation of doing some body boarding with my daughter. That would never have happened before – I would have been on the beach minding the things but in reality nursing a hangover and wondering when I could have my next drink. And all the time trying to look as if I was enjoying myself.

Other than that I am not going to drink, I haven’t really thought about my strategy for dealing with any blips. I know I need to do this. I mustn’t be too blasé – potentially it could all come tumbling down. Today is my last day at work so tomorrow I will put together my holiday strategy. There is loads of stuff online about how to survive sober holidays so I will have a look at those and read around some sober blogs for ideas.

If anyone has any tips and tricks they are willing to share I would SO appreciate it. So please get posting.

This is where I am going…

Looks good to me ! xx

6 thoughts on “Summer Holidays

  1. That picture looks beautiful. I did my first sober holiday in May. I had a few tough days at the beginning but each night I went to bed sober, the next was easier to do. I didn’t have a great plan, apart from not drinking. I did find having some AF beer and plenty of chocolate in helped. I also wrote down how i felt to get it off my chest. (I had no internet to blog) Once my silly brain realised i wasnt missing out on anything, the holiday became the best ive ever had. I did more, i laughed more. I had NO hangovers in the sun! I hope you really enjoy your holiday. Xxx

  2. Looks lovely ! The best advice I can give is to plan … And then lan some more.. What are you going to drink at lunchtime? In the evenings, at dinner? If it’s raining ? Take it with you if you need .. And good luck, have a lovely time xx Lily

  3. That looks lovely, indeed!
    And sounds very fun!
    What helps me is to think of what I am going to order before I go anywhere, and then place the order right away.
    I don’t think about what I want when the waiter or pool boy is right there, because then I might change my mind.
    So I already know what I want and tell them right away. I also order before anyone else does.

    1. Thank you Wendy I think that’s a really good idea. I am going to take some drinks with me for tomorrow evening as I think that will be my most triggery time. I have talked to Mr So about it too so he is on side xx

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