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Just a short post as I am still in the throes of packing for our hols. We are leaving at 6.00am so I need to get the car loaded up tonight.

I don’t usually like the day before we go away, there is always so much to do, however organised I have tried to be. Usually I start on a bottle of cava at 5pm at the latest and by now I would be pretty drunk. THEN I would be trying to load the car – my spacial awareness  not at its best and usually feeling very irritable towards Mr So when he tried to be helpful. Not this time – I feel OK.

I have packed some alcohol free drinks and some treats. I have some new audio books and some nice bath and shower products.

The main thing I was worried about is what we will do if,when we arrive at the house we have rented, they have left a welcome bottle of wine for us. This used to be one of the best bits of arriving at somewhere new. A bottle of wine just crying out to be opened. If there wasn’t one I would feel very hard done by  and annoyed that I would have to actively choose to open one of the bottles I had packed just in case. If I drank something I had been given it was different, it would be rude not to drink it at the earliest opportunity. Even if it was only 2.00pm.

So I have been worried about this.

I told Mr So and he said we will just open it and pour it down the sink. I am so relieved. I though he might say we would just put it away and not drink it. I don’t feel ready for that. It would make it too easy to give in to a whisper from the wine witch. Mr So was so matter of fact about it but he didn’t tell me I was being silly – he just provided a solution and took all that worry away.

So now I know what I will do if and when the issue arises.


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  1. How clever you are, to plan ahead for such an eventuality – you will be just fine xx have a lively holiday .big sober hugs , Lily

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