All Good so Far

Well we’ve arrived. There was no welcome bottle of wine so I didn’t have to negotiate that particular hurdle but if I had, I had a plan so it would have been fine.

Yesterday evening we walked down to the beach. There is a bar right on the sands and there were lots of people enjoying a drink in the sun. Normal people sipping and putting their glasses back down again,  chatting, laughing and enjoying the view. It did cross my mind how lovely it would be to be one of them but I know that’s not realistic. Sip, put down the glass, me ? You must be joking ! So I had a soft drink which I sipped and put down while I enjoyed the view.

We went to a local farm shop to stock up on supplies for the first evening and for breakfast. We bought lots of lovely things. I found some mocktails which come in pouches which you freeze and then allow to defrost slightly before serving. I will report back on them later. I am excited to have something different to try, something which signifies that I am on holiday.

Despite the fact that we bought lots of lovely things the shopping still cost much less than our usual holiday shop. Mr So commented that if we had bought our usual beers and wines it would have been much, much more.

Last night we had a lovely family supper and I finished the evening with a peppermint tea. I slept well and I have a clear head – completely unheard of for me. Usually the first morning is the worst. I will have drunk too much, slept badly and woken feeling I’ve got the holiday off to a bad start. Then because I feel bad, continuing along the same vein for the rest of the break.

Today we are going to enjoy a leisurely breakfast in the sun, followed by  walk to the beach and then we are going to drop my daughter at the riding school where she will be spending the next 6 nights. Then it will be just me, Mr So and our youngest daughter. I am looking forward to it.



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