150 Days

I am been a quiet for the last few days because I was feeling a little overwhelmed – completely overwhelmed in fact. I needed time to catch my breath, to reflect and to rest. Today I am better. My healthy eating has settled and my sugar cravings have definitely subsided. I don’t fancy eating cakes or bread any more. I feel better. I have lost some weight.

Today is Day 150. Unlike Day 100, today has crept up on my while I have been living my life. Day 100 was such a huge thing in my mind but when it arrived it was a “nothing” kind of day. Day 150 feels much more of a “something” day. I haven’t got any plans, I am just going to be. I feel calm and settled and proud of myself. Next week I am going to see my therapist for the first time in almost 3 months – he has been away. He is going to be so surprised…


8 thoughts on “150 Days

  1. Wow! so impressed! I aim for the days when it will be a nothing sort of day! I am still in the “every day is a negotiation” period so this is so inspirational! Keep taking care of yourself!

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