I have been following Annie’s blog, A Dappled Path:

since well before I stopped drinking. Annie has been struggling to give up drinking for a long time. A very long time.

Annie had a Day 1 the day after mine. By 16 April I was at Day 16 and Annie Day 15. We were both doing so well but boy was it tough. Although I didn’t comment on her blog, I read it avidly. I felt a strong affinity to Annie – her story felt very similar to mine. Although she didn’t know about me, in a way I felt we were in it together. I was willing us both on.

Annie made it through a few more days and then relapsed. I felt so sorry. But I was convinced she could do it – I still believe she can.

Annie is on Day 1 today. I have been thinking of her a lot.

Compared to some, my sober journey so far has been relatively straightforward. Of course I am grateful for that but I don’t really understand why it is that I have made it this far but others have not – not yet anyway.

Fellow blogger Freefallingintosober wrote a very moving post about this recently:

Lessons Learned

I have re read her post several times today particularly the last paragraph. Please take some time to read it.

I am blessed that I have been able to stop drinking. I had always known that one day I would have to stop but that day was a very long time coming. Any longer and I am certain something really bad would have happened. I was heading for disaster at breakneck speed.

I will not judge those whose own journey is different to my own, those who take a different path. I will never take my sobriety for granted. I hope with all my heart that Annie will get there in her own way.




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  1. Hello Tori. Thank you for writing this. I am so grateful for your thoughts, and for your wisdom. I’m on Day 2 today, waiting a few more days before I write a post on my blog, trying to build up som sober strength and a little bit of momentum. As you commented on my blog, it is 2 years ago since I started writing there, and I had also tried to quit drinking many times before that. I hope and pray that I get there; I am determined. Thanks for your friendship. Annie x

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