Feeling Peaky

I am not feeling that great. It is hard to describe but I feel as if I have some kind of low grade bug. As if I am about to come down with something but each day by symptoms don’t get any better or worse I just feel generally unwell. My legs ache and I am  hot and cold and just a bit run down.

It might be that I do have a bug. The kids have just gone back to school and the weather is still quite warm – often the new term sparks off a run of viruses as all the children get together and share their germs – lovely !!

I wish either I could be properly ill and get it over with or get better. It’s this being in limbo which is really getting to me. I’m lucky to be a generally well person and I don’t like feeling this way. When I was drinking, if I had a cold or a sore throat I would use wine to sooth my symptoms and basically would drink myself through to recovery. Even when I was quite unwell I always managed to get my daily fix.

If I don’t have a bug this could be an episode of Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS) although I thought the symptoms were generally more psychological than physical. But when I read back over my blog I have been having problems with sleeping and feeling more emotional so perhaps that’s it.

It could be that although I don’t have a bug, I have some other kind of illness. I am trying not to get fixated on that because realistically I know it is not that likely. Surely, I must be healthier than I was when I was drinking ?

I wish this would pass.


3 thoughts on “Feeling Peaky

  1. I hope you feel better soon!
    I hate being sick, and I read there is a correlation between getting sick and depression…that when we get sick we slip into the blue moods. I know I sure do!

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