I hope..

Tonight I am going to the support group for the first time. I am nervous but also excited. I hope it works out. I hope they like me. I hope I have something to offer. I don’t want to just take, take, take.

I hope they don’t think I’ve been making a fuss about nothing and don’t really have a serious problem with alcohol. I look OK now. I’ve been sober for 190 days. I’ve done it pretty much on my own (in terms of real life support). I’ve got lots of tools in my sober toolbox – why do I need any more ?

If this doesn’t work out I don’t know what I’ll do. I am determined not to drink. Perhaps just cross that bridge if I need to.

Wish me luck !! xx

9 thoughts on “I hope..

  1. Hope it goes well 🙂 And I don’t believe they’ll think you’re “making a fuss about nothing” We all need support, no matter how many days we have, sometimes more than others. If it doesn’t go well, keep looking! xx

  2. Very very good luck! You have a huge amount to offer , and I’m sure you will soon be a highly valued member of the group lily x

  3. Hi Tori, of course they’ll like you!
    I’m just telling myself that my drinking alcohol everyday was a self defeating habit I had got myself into. Only after 5 days of being AF I feel I have so much more energy!
    Sleeping better, look better, feel better! It’s amazing! I’m out tomorrow evening and not sure how it will go as everyone around me will be drinking. It’s a test I suppose. Good luck, and keep going!
    Love, Lindsey x

  4. I hope it went well yesterday. Let us know if it did. I have a ladies only AA meeting near me but have never been. I keep thinking I’ve made it to 6 months so why bother but part of me want’s that real life connection. It’s hard as i have all the fears you mentioned too. X

    1. Thank you. It did go well. The group coach emailed me today and said I slotted right in. I am so relieved. This feels like a very important extra tool in my box. I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed but in a relieved kind of way. We even had a bit of a laugh about the places we used to hide bottles and the tactics we would use to facilitate a trip to the store to pick up some “essential” when what we were really doing was buying alcohol !! It is a very inclusive group of 5 or 6. I think it will be perfect. Xxx

    2. Sorry Mrs M I should also have said that I agree with you about feeling that if you’ve made it to 6 months why go to a group but at the same time yearning for that real life connection. I think you should go for it – try a group and if you don’t like it keep looking. My therapist says 6 months is quite a tricky time when adding new strategies is important. Give it a try and see how you get on. Xxx

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