A sober first of sorts

I am still here, still sober but really struggling to shift this cold bug I have had for over a week. I don’t remember having had anything like this for a very long time. I am completely washed out.

I have been feeling low about how hard I am finding fighting this bug off. But my therapist pointed out that coping with being ill is another sober first just like my first sober holiday or first alcohol free birthday celebration. I think that is quite helpful. Ridiculous as it might sound,I would  have continued drinking even feeling like this. I would have figured that a bottle of wine would help me to sleep and numb my sore throat. That’s what I would have told myself at least.

So I am trying to look at this as another sober milestone of sorts. I just hope that when I’ve pasted this particular milestone, I won’t have to go through this again for a long, long time.

14 thoughts on “A sober first of sorts

  1. Snap xx and its hard, but you know – Just. As I do that a cold AND a hangover is worse than just a cold ❤️. Steam, Vicks, fluids and rest, oh and a big coldy hug xx lily

    1. Rubbish isn’t it. Resting doesn’t come naturally to me but I am trying to force myself to relax. Lily has some good advice – we should probably just follow it and get better !! X

  2. Hope you are feeling better soon 🙂 I have a story (actually a few) about drinking while having a “cold”: I, too, continued to drink to numb my throat and sleep, it turned out I had bronchitis! Looking back I realized I was so drunk I didn’t realize how bad I felt! I also realize now that I’m sober I don’t tolerate feeling ill very well. Get well soon. xx

    1. Poor you ! I can identify with that so much. I couldn’t tell what was hangover and what was illness – now at least I haven’t got a hangover. Finally feeling a bit better X

  3. Tori,
    I get the same way when I get sick.
    I feel really down.
    I think it’d because we can’t see people or do the things that make us happy.
    So it is a kind of a loss, like losing our drinking “friend”.

  4. I always drank through illness. I felt as though it gave me some short lived relief! I never thought about the next day (I was truly living in the present – haha)

    Your therapist is spot on! We’re all ill in our house too.
    Look after yourself x Claire

  5. Wonderful to read all this, thankfully makes me feel I am not alone. No patience for illness, everything is 200 times worse when ill, yet how can I forget how much worse it was when in a hangover haze!!
    Thank you, get well soon everyone .

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