200 Days

Today I have been sober for 200 days. This feels more solid than 100 days. I didn’t really have any expectations of what today would feel like whereas 100 days was huge in my mind.

When it turned out to be just another day, the anti climax and disappointment was hard.

Apart from Mr So, only one friend and my therapist know that today is a milestone. When I was drinking it was a huge secret which I carried around with me all mixed up with guilt, shame and fear. I am finding it hard that just as I kept my drinking secret, now I am having do the same with my  sobriety. I can’t share my alcoholism so I can’t share my sobriety. I suppose this is where my group comes in.

But 200 days feels good. Xx

10 thoughts on “200 Days

  1. 200 days is bloody fantastic 🙂 two hundred whole days … it’s YOUR victory, your personal achievement – no one else did this – your will power, determination and commitment achieved this. Big pat on the back xxx

  2. Dear Tori,
    you have and are doing so well, 200 days of not drinking something that didn’t enrich your life and made you feel bad! You’ve gained so much by ditching the alcohol, congratulations!!
    I’m not doing so well but I’m not drinking every evening and most nights I’m AF. When I do have a drink I’ve drastically cut down. I have to follow my own path and do what’s manageable for me. I’m not thinking about it when I’m not drinking and feel relaxed, if nothing has stressed me out that is, then it’s more difficult. One day at a time……
    Love , Lindsey 🙂

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