mega-coreA quick post to say at last I am starting to feel better. Next time I am ill I need to think back to this time and remind myself how it can affect everything. I was completely at sea and for the first time in ages I didn’t dismiss the thought of getting completely and utterly drunk to get myself through. But I didn’t and of course now, with my less ill, more rational head on, I am so glad. Having to go back and start over just doesn’t bear thinking about.

I have been sad to see a couple of my friends from the sober blogosphere disappear. It’s unsettling when that happens. I hope that whatever, wherever, they will find their own peace in time.

Its good to see other people who had disappeared or gone quiet, reappearing. Some starting their sober journey again, 0thers popping up to say they are OK and things are good.

The online sober community is a wonderful thing. And to think that when I was struggling, there was a whole world of people going through the same thing, feeling the same feelings but I didn’t know they existed. I am so thankgul I stumbled upon the sober blogosphere.  Where would I be without it, without YOU ?


4 thoughts on “Blogosphere

  1. It shows how far you have come to not give in to those cravings when it all goes a bit tits up and/or you feel ill. Before, you probably would have given in so a BIG PAT ON THE BACK and hug to say well done!!!!! Keep going….xx

  2. Me too! I couldn’t be at nearly two years without it.
    I tried numerous times on my own, with a counsellor, sporadic AA meetings but this is the thing that stuck for me!


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