Secure in Sobriety

At school my daughters are marked on a scale where their attainment is classed as emerging, developing, secure and mastered.

Within an educational setting the levels can be explained like this:

Emerging— No more than a third of the end of year expectations have been achieved.
Developing—Between one third and two thirds of the end of year expectations have been
Secure—Almost all of all the end of year expectations have been achieved and the child is able
to use and apply their knowledge and skills confidently.
Greater Depth (Mastering) – All of the end of year expectations have been achieved and the
child is now working on ‘Mastery’ or ‘Depth of learning’; i.e. applying their learning in new and
unfamiliar situations.

It strikes me that these levels apply quite well to my sober journey. I particularly like “emerging” because it brings to mind an image of a chick battling its way out of the egg. That’s me at the top ! Those early days (and weeks and months) really felt like a fight sometimes.

Right now, I think I am at a secure level it will be a while before I start working on mastery.

Back in May, I wrote a post about the six stages of change. This diagram shows the stages really well.  I like it a lot, especially the way the stages overlap.

Back in May, at 52 days, I placed myself at the action stage. Sometimes I have made it to the maintenance stage but right now, at 229 days, I think I am in the darker purple section between action and maintenance.


The Stages of Change for Addiction Recovery

So that’s progress ! x

4 thoughts on “Secure in Sobriety

  1. I really liked this post. I think I am still in the Developing phase or still hatching anyway into my new self. So great to read how wonderful you are doing!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Yes – this is how my daughter is graded at school. It’s a relief to be in the maintenance stage finally, I spent so long in contemplation and preparation, action, then back again!

    Congratulations on 229 xx

  3. What a great diagram. I would agree with your “secure” placing, I feel the same 🙂 when I look back I can’t imagine how I got through the early days … ! Well done xxx

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