One of the the things I am most ashamed of from when I was drinking is that I used to drink wine from a coffee mug so that no one would know. I did this when I got home from work most afternoons. Generally it worked although on one occasion my youngest daughter queried why my mug appeared to contain wine. I’m not sure what I said but whatever it was I don’t think my daughter was convinced.

For me, drinking wine from a mug was the equivalent of the stereotypical image of the alcoholic swigging  spirits from a bottle concealed in a brown paper bag. I couldn’t believe I had sunk so low.

Yesterday evening I came across the product pictured above. There are numerous different versions, all with a similar theme. I know it is supposed to be fun and perhaps I am just a miserable spoil sport but I don’t find the joke funny.

For me the “shhh” is particularly poignant because it reminds me of the lying, cheating and hiding which became central to my life.  Just looking at that mug makes me feel ashamed.

I wonder if you can buy wine glasses with – shh there’s soda in here” or beer glasses with “shh there’s Becks blue in here” ? Xx

8 thoughts on “WTF….?

  1. I heard on the radio this morning that 30% of people (in the UK) don’t drink AT ALL …. I wonder how many are dry because they drank to much and how many for other reasons… I agree with you about the mug. Not funny xx

  2. I too used to drink wine out of a mug so the kids didn’t know. Surely the fact that I probably slurred my words by their bedtime was a big enough give away. I hate it.

    I think you are on to some thing with the glass that says shhhh there’s soda in here!!! Love it!

  3. Did we all do the same cliches? Seriously, Im beginning to feel that my tendencies were quite run of the mill. I too hid wine in the coffee cups- only ones that were dark colored on the inside so no-one saw what I was really drinking. Thanks for the great post. Oddly instead of outrage I laughed out loud. 2, 3, 4 years ago I would have been buying this for friends. Now I see where I was, how life was, and what I have gained from becoming sober. Happy new year and thanks for the post!

    1. Thank you Mrs S. I thought I was so clever and inventive – surely no one else would have thought of drinking wine out of a mug or having two bottles of wine on the go at the same time or taking my empty bottles and throwing them in the rubbish bin on the high street. Turns out I was wrong !
      Tori xxx

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