Tomorrow Mr So and I have an appointment at the County Court. We are involved in a dispute relating to some work we had carried out on our home last year.  We were not happy with some of the work and have declined to pay the company concerned any more money. They are taking legal action against us.

The dispute has been ongoing since August last year and there were months before that when we were trying to work things out.  I have drafted all the papers and tomorrow I will be the spokesperson. In my thirties I was a solicitor in private practice for a few years but litigation wasn’t really my thing. The whole scenario is really getting to me. I just want it to be over. At the same time I don’t.

The hearing tomorrow is without a doubt going to be the most stressful event I have had to cope with since I stopped drinking, This time last year I would have indulged in my favourite Sauvignon Blanc to ensure  “good” nights sleep (really ?)  but the main event would have been after the hearing is over and the judge has decided what will happen. It will be at about 4.00pm – prime wine time for me. If we win I would have celebrated by getting drunk and if we lose I would have drowned my sorrows. Both would involve significant quantities of wine.

Silly as it sounds I think I am more worried about how I will cope afterwards than I am about the hearing itself. What am I going to do with myself ? This has been going on for almost the whole time I have been sober. For it to be over, whatever the outcome, will be BIG thing. I feel very exposed and vulnerable.


3 thoughts on “Court

  1. I’m sure you do feel exposed – can you plan something nice for after? Maybe a film, or supper out ? Or even a takeaway, new jigsaw, and some nice bath smellies? I am sure you will definitely deserve a treat after the stress of the day. Good luck, I am sure you will be awesome and I really hope it goes your way . Big hugs lily xxx

  2. Good luck. You will have a clear head, and when it is over, congratulate yourself for being able to handle the situation. A big sober treat reward is in order! xx

  3. Tori,
    This is probably over by now.
    Learning new ways to cope with stressful situations is an on-going adventure.
    Sometimes I just need distraction, like computer games.
    Sometimes I need a dinner out, or a movie.
    Sometimes, I just need to carry on with the next thing to do.

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