A long week

Last time I was announcing the launch of Club Sober. I was excited and hoping against hope that someone would see my flyers or read my post and get in touch. A few days in I hadn’t had any responses but I told myself that it wasn’t surprising. There is so much stigma associated with having a drink problem, being an alcoholic, having an addiction, even if someone heard about Club Sober, it would be a HUGE step to reach out to a complete complete stranger. Give it time. Stay positive. Chin up.

I had a bad week. Monday was especially trying and because of a problem with resources at my office,I had to work unexpectedly from home. I don’t especially like working at home and if I do so, I prefer to plan in advance so that I have a clear set of tasks to accomplish. Otherwise it is too easy to become distracted. When I was still drinking there was a day when I was working at home and I was feeling low and it seemed like a good idea to have a couple of glasses of wine. For me that was a huge turning point. If I had been found out I could have lost my job. It doesn’t bear thinking about. So working at home is triggery.

The rest of the week was a long, hard, slog. I had some bad news on Wednesday and on Friday I had a fairly heated exchange with a colleague at work. I felt flustered, agitated, bored, frustrated and lonely.

In the back of my mind I was thinking about Club Sober. What else could I do to publicise the group ? Who might be able to help me ? What if no one wanted to come ? How long would I wait before admitting defeat ? What else could I do if Club Sober was a flop?

I decided just to put it to the back of my mind. Mr So didn’t ask me if I had had any responses which, as I was feeling so negative, I decided was because he’d thought all along that I no one would come. Reminder to self – park the negativity – Mr So thinks Club Sober is a great idea. Mr So is proud of me.

On Saturday morning I went for a run. When I got home I showered, dressed and checked my email. And there it was. A response. Someone wants to come to Club Sober. 🙂


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