The time has come

I have written several times about how my weight has stayed the same since I stopped drinking. I have been disappointed by this because I had visions of the weight just “falling off” with no effort whatsoever. Initially I did develop a sweet tooth which I indulged wholeheartedly. The only thing was I continued indulging even when my alcohol cravings and the truth be known, I developed a little bit of a sugar habit. Recently rather than staying the same, the scales have crept up – only slightly but enough. I was feeling a little like the walrus above !

So on Saturday I decided that the time has come to grasp the nettle and address my eating.

I had become concerned that I had started to eat in much the same way as I was drinking towards the end. I was eating quickly without really tasting. Eating secretly and thinking frequently about “treats” and how much I deserved them. For treats read iced buns, cakes, biscuits and crisps. And it was making me feel crap.

So from Sunday sugar and carbs have been banned. I am eating protein and vegetables and some fat. This is not a forever thing but for now I need to exclude all those foods I was turning to for comfort and release. Today is day 3 and it strikes me how similar the process is to giving up drinking. Similar, albeit it diluted somewhat. I have had cravings which have been scarily insistent. I have had to plan, plan, plan just like I did when I went alcohol free and I have had to come up with other treats like baths, walking, listening to audio books, to replace eating.

Most importantly however, I have revisited self-care. I think this had started to slip since Christmas. I had realised my eating was becoming problematic and I had posted on a board for some support but no one had replied. Today, however a private message appeared – a lovely, kind, encouraging and wise response full of really helpful ideas. The words that really stood out to me were “treat yourself as being very precious and deserving of every possible care”. So that is what I am going to focus on.  I wouldn’t give my daughters wine or stuff them full of sugary fatty snacks so why do I have such different  standards when it comes to caring for myself?

Today the sugar cravings have been fewer and further between. I feel I am regaining some balance and control and that feels like a huge relief.


6 thoughts on “The time has come

  1. Tori I actually disagree with most of the advice that is peddled out about indulging in sweets/sugar when people are trying to quit the booze as I think it’s quite normal that people just replace one addiction with another and I actually really believe that a lot of “alcoholics” are actually addicted to sugar more than alcohol but that’s a whole other thread/post! Anyway…all that aside it’s hard giving up sugar in any of its forms whether that be in white carbs, sweets, alcohol etc so no wonder you are feeling similar cravings – all perfectly normal 🙂

    By about day 3 or 4 you wil start to feel better and I think you are nearly there with that anyway so bloomin well done – it’s certainly not easy! Have you thought of joining the low carb boot camp thread? Very helpful

    For what it’s worth I also had visions of the weight falling off me and it hasn’t easily – I am six months mainly dry. Unlike you I drank at Xmas on a few occasions. I didn’t replace the alcohol with sugar or treats but also went on a diet and I have lost about 24 lbs in six months. I have done masses to get rid of that though, no etcwaivered, everything eaten has been meticulously logged, loads of exercise etc. I thought I would have lost loads more by now and it’s really surprised me that it hadn’t fallen off more easily but I think Alcohol plays a much bigger role than simply “calories”.

    You are doing brilliantly and should be monumentally proud of yourself for where you are – take care xx

  2. Hi Tori…I too did not have any weight fall off me! I actually convinced myself it was because I didn’t drink as much as I thought I did! hahaha Almost got me to hit the bottle again! At 7 month sober I changed how I ate and I lost 15 lbs I have since put a few back on, but that’s ok. I still look and feel much better! I also think that the weight didn’t fall off because I was post menopausal. I think it’s much harder to lose weight after menopause! Good luck to you and if you ever want to know about the plan I did, just email me. It was a lot of prep, but I was never hungry and it had good carbs and fats! xo

  3. Sugar is really bad stuff. As are processed carbs, which turn to sugar in the body.
    All carbs do but at least with brown rice/veggies you are getting lots of other good stuff – not so sugar or white flour etc.

    I had terrible candida overgrowth and once I cracked that I found my craving gfor alcohol actually subsided.

    One of the reasons I lapsed last week ( I suspect) was that I had fallen off the low carb way of eating I had been doing for 3 years ( with a lot of weight loss as a result) and I was eating a lot of sugar and processed carbs. I have got the Candida symptoms back (not nice!) and then when faced with alcohol I just drank it. And not even alcohol of a “nice” sort ..but sweet and sickly and not what I would normally go for.

    So, I guess I am saying – well done and you have made a good choice 🙂

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