Bee in my bonnet


Buzz, buzz, buzz relentlessly. It’s driving me mad.

Someone has lied to me. This person made a mistake but didn’t realise it at first. Then, when they realised, they changed their original account to convieniently “erase” the mistake. I’ll say it – they LIED.

The potential fall out from the error is significant but as I know about it and it’s early days, it can be sorted. The lying is a different thing altogether.  The person concerned isnt saying anything – they have not even acknowledged that their story has changed. They are  keeping their head down and ignoring the issue. When I asked them why something I have found doesn’t tie in with what they have said, their response was “I don’t know. How strange”. I feel  like the bad guy, making a fuss about nothing. This has made me doubt myself. Am I wrong, am I going mad, losing it ?

I can’t stand lying. I just can’t bear it.

I suppose this is entirely my problem. I have pushed to have the lying looked into and addressed but I am not sure how I will handle it if the liar gets away with it. I don’t know whether my relationship with the individual concerned can continue. But if that happens I will have to put up and shut up.

As well as this issue which is rumbling along in the background, I have had a hard week at work. I have been busy and I have had to carry out tasks well outside my comfort zone.

Tomorrow is Monday which means back to work. I feel sick when I think about the liar  and how they are making me feel. And all the time they appear to be oblivious to all the upset they are causing.

A Sunday night like this would have been prime time to buddy up big time with my old best friend Sauvignon Blanc. But I don’t do that nowadays. Thing is how do I get the bee in my bonnet to buzz off and leave me in peace ? X


2 thoughts on “Bee in my bonnet

  1. That’s a hard one. I hate lying, too.
    I don’t think you can just ignore it, though, as you will not trust this person again.
    Is there a pattern of mistakes by them?
    I will have to think awhile on this.
    SO glad you didn’t drink over it!

  2. It’s funny how one post somewhere else can lead to deep thoughts. Your post really got me thinking and I decided to do a post about lying – as opposed to leaving a novel of a comment here, ha ha. But thanks for reflecting on this topic. Made me do so as well!

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