Today, for the first time in ages I really really would like a drink. I have had a pretty shit week and today, Friday is the day I would have hit the bottle big time. As I write this it is approaching 5.00pm – prime drinking time.

The picture above is of the beautiful necklace my wonderful sober sister gave me. It shows my sobriety date and some wonderful inspiring, affirming words. I Love it. Just thinking about the giver lights me up – makes me smile, gives me a boost,

So today, Day 359 I am choosing not to drink. Simple but sometimes unbelievably tough. Xx

4 thoughts on “Tough

  1. Tori,
    You are so right…simple but tough.
    That’s why anyone who has or us trying to break an addiction are strong people.
    You have new ways to deal with a bad week…just do something caring for yourself tonight.
    I just took a shower and I feel calmer.

  2. You are almost to your one year soberversary!!!! How very exciting!!! I am proud of you for getting through it! Sometimes it’s hard! Glad you have your lovely necklace to remind you of your sister and of how far you’ve come! xo

  3. Right behind you at 353 days and those sudden cravings hit me out of the blue when I least expect it. Deep breaths! Love the necklace. How special!

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