IMG_8566Back in November I posted about growing my hair:

A New Look

Now, 5 months or so on, I am making progress. I have had the back cut regularly as I grow the top down so that I have continued to look presentable (just!) but the last 6 weeks have been a struggle as the front is not long enough to tick  behind my ears and just hangs. But I’m getting there – very slowly but nevertheless. Last night my daughter did the french braid creation above – I was really chuffed!!

Growing out  my crop has similarities to growing out of addiction and into recovery. Slow but steady progress. Good days, bad days. Days when I just want to give up, thinking – why did I even start this ? Short hair suited me. One thing for sure though, drinking DIDN’T suit me.

My steadily growing hair is a reminder of this journey I’m on. With each month the centimetre or so of visible hair growth (accentuated by my roots!) is echoed by a growth in my sober self. That growth may not be visible from the outside but it’s still there and I can feel it. 🙂 Xx

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