Bugging me

Still here, still sober. I haven’t posted as I have just been getting on with life. I am doing some volunteering. It’s good.

Something is bugging me. It’s just a small thing but I keep thinking about it so I am going to post it here and see what everyone thinks.

I have a cough and a cold. A couple of nights ago I simply could not stop coughing. I got up and in the dark managed to locate some cough medicine and swig some down. I stress this was all in the dark in the middle of the night.

The next morning I was about to take some more. as I picked up the bottle I saw in very small letters “contains alcohol”. I felt sick. I felt guilty and a bit stupid really. I am really vigilant about that type of thing, checking mouthwashes and cosmetics a nd food for alcohol. Although I know it’s technically not true, I kind of think of myself as being allergic to alcohol. Obviously my reaction is not as severe as someone with a nut allergy who inadvertently ingest some nuts but I still think of it in a similar way. Alcohol is not going to kill me – not immediately anyway, if I had carried on drinking it probably would have contributed significantly to an early death.

I can’t get the thought out of my head that I should go back to Day One and start counting over. I feel like a bit of cheat. I didn’t mean to do it but fact is, it happened.



5 thoughts on “Bugging me

  1. Oh bless you Tony, I understand your pain, for my first 2 years of sobriety I was the same but not anymore lovely. Alcohol is in so many things and we all trip up from time to time with a chocolate filled truffle or mouthwash or perfume that has an incredible amount of alcohol, as does most cleaning sprays, foods in restaurants and under cooked sauces. Your sobriety is not based on the occasional accidental oversight, it is how you reacted and dealt with it after the event. In your case, properly.

    I can assure you that if it meant being in pain, most alcohol dependant people would struggle not to take medication. Providing youre not down at Boots now ordering rationing portions of Cough Syrup, I think you can let this go!

    Amanda x

  2. No, you shouldn’t have to go back to day 1. Having cough medicine is totally different to say having a glass of wine!

  3. Hi Tori!
    How much alcohol is in cough syrup?
    It must be a very small amount, less than an AF beer.
    I understand your feelings, as I’d be the same way.
    I personally would say, dont worry about it, or take a day off your count.
    The important thing is you were honest. If you were hiding the bottle and drinking it every night, then I’d worry.
    You are doing so well in your Sober life!
    Rock on!!

  4. You are doing amazing, I wouldn’t let it trouble you in the slightest. You are counting the days in which you didn’t succumb to cravings, days that you haven’t been that person you were, days where you are proud of who you are now. A little cough syrup for a cold has nothing to do with what you are now celebrating day in and day out.

  5. The amount will be TINY. Less than in a bottle of becks blue. I know you, like me, don’t do ” low alcohol” only NO alcohol drinks – i.e. < 0.05% …. but it will have been less than that . And a small amount. Please don't fret over it xxx

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