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Tonight I am starting my counselling course. I am nervous but excited. The course description says:

The nature of this level of counselling involves a degree of self-awareness and personal development. It is important that you consider that you may not be ready for this course if you have undergone any significant life change or loss in the last 12 months.


As this is an introduction to the Counselling training you need to be aware that you will be expected to do a lot of use of self-reflection and this could result in highlighting things that have happened and impacted on your life. You need to think carefully before embarking on this course to ensure that it is the right course for you at this time in your life.

I feel I am in a good place, psychologically, to take the course but in the back of my mind I have some what ifs. What if I become emotional? What if I cry? What if I can’t cope? What if I’ve made a mistake and the course isn’t for me?

I am coming up to 18 months sober. Whereas before, my sobriety  frequently drowned out the sound of every other element of my life, now things are more balanced. My sobriety is part of who I am but it is no longer the only thing which defines me. I don’t really thing about drinking anymore. Days and days can go by without it really crossing my mind. My addiction has found its place and the dust has settled. Does that make sense ?

No doubt we will start by introducing ourselves and saying a little bit about why we’re doing the course and what we hope to get out of it. I don’t know whether to say from the start that I have been sober for 18 months.  My experience of  being addicted to alcohol and getting and staying, sober (a process which is ongoing and will be so for the rest of my life) is one of the things I hope I can bring to the course so it doesn’t make sense to keep it a secret but at the same time does everyone need to know ? It’s a tricky one.

Wish me luck XX

One thought on “Need to know ?

  1. Ooh, good luck! I bet you’ll love it. I think it’s up to you and your comfort zone. I would think about whether it is something you need to talk about immediately with the entire group – there are weeks and weeks of the course ahead of you where you can go into it when you’re ready, and perhaps, if you’re not sure at the moment, it might just be sensible to talk to your tutor initially so that you don’t feel that you’ve confided in people you don’t yet know and/or trust. That is just my opinion and you may well feel that it’s ok, so feel free to ignore me. You will need to maintain boundaries in your counselling career so this may be the start of working out how to share your information with. I do think it’s sensible to confide in your tutor though as it will help them with assisting you through the course. Looking forward to seeing what others suggest. xx

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