Blown away

It has been a long time since I posted. I am still here, still sober (18 months now !) and really, really busy but in a good way.

Club Sober is going well – 3 new members have joined in the last few weeks. The age range of the group is 27 to early 70’s. I think that’s very telling.

The counselling course is good. I have met so many new people, all of who are really lovely and it is good to feel my brain working properly again. Already I am beginning to look at things from a different perspective, challenging my own preconceptions and prejudices and finding skills and strengths I didn’t know I had.

Mr So and our girls are wonderful. My girls are bringing me so much joy – the eldest was 16 last week and despite a difficult start, I think I’ve done OK as a Mum so far.

I am starting to feel more settled in my sobriety, somehow more at peace with where I am. I feel more comfortable speaking frankly about my addiction. I don’t have to shout about it from the roof tops but I don’t hide it any more. The shame and guilt have subsided. I no longer beat myself up.

Yesterday evening  I was speaking to one of my new counselling friends about Club Sober and why I set it up. At the time I thought she must think I was bit mad, going on about my sobriety and how I’m trying to help women like me. I do sometimes get a bit preachy about the lack of support available and the loneliness of trying to get sober when you don’t really fit neatly into the system. But last night she sent me a lovely text:

I just wanted to tell you that I really admire your openness and honesty about what you’ve been through. I think only a true recoverer can be as open as you. I also love that you’re running a group to help others in similar situations and I’m enjoying working with you in class”

I was blown away…x

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  1. What a lovely positive post. You must be doing something right to get such a thoughtful post from your counselling friend. 🙂 sober = better in so many ways. X

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