Mid Sobriety Crisis ??

We have all heard of the mid-life crisis but is there a similar things with sobriety – not that there is a mid-point for sobriety – but something which happens when you are feeling more settled?

I am wondering if that’s what’s happened to me.

Some of you will remember that last year I decided to grown out my pixie crop. A style which I had had for about 16 years since my youngest daughter was born. I really felt I wanted to look different – in a kind of why, to emphasis the changes going on inside. I have stuck with it and now I am getting close to a semblance of a bob.

Back in May I had a huge urge to have a second piecing in my ear. Doesn’t sound like much, but for me it was a big change. I would never even have considered it before but I couldn’t stop thinking about it and after a few weeks I had it done to mark my 46th birthday. I love it !!

I have always coloured my hair – usually various shades of red but this weekend I had a overwhelming desire to go back to my natural colour – a dark brown from examining my roots (it’s been coloured for so long I don’t really know what colour it is “au naturel”.) So I went ahead and, disaster, it is too dark. In some lights it looks almost black rather than the dark chocolate-brown I was thinking of:

But do you know what? I feel OK. It doesn’t look terrible and after all, its only hair. I wanted to look different and I’ve certainly achieved  that. Different on the inside and different on the outside. So when I look in the mirror (and give myself a fright!) I’ll remember that. xxx

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